The First Three Episodes of Laker Chat Podcast

Asheem Calixte, Elizabeth Miller, Jenna Wilson & Annabel Sharrin Produce The First Episodes of Their New Technology Podcast

Episode 1: Tik Tok Potential Ban in the United States

In this episode, the topic of Tiktok is discussed by myself, Lizzy, Annabel, and Jenna. Being that Tiktok has been the talk of the town latest in the recent media cycle it is only fitting that we chimed in on the infamous social media company as well.

Tiktok is the most popular app in the United States. It has over 150 million American users. So considering that there are over half of the US population using Tiktok, why is US government seeking to ban the company within the United State?

I hope after listening to this episode you are able to find the answer to this question.

Episode 2: The Bigger and Bigger Meta Gets

This episode on Meta sparked a really interesting discussion between myself and fellow podcasters. Meta has been considered the dinosaur out of all of the popular social media platforms out right now.

With that Meta’s acquisition of other platforms such as Instagram and Whatsapp has created immense conversation surrounding the hunger of Meta and them eliminating competition.

This episode takes a deep dive into the Meta and it’s impact on others within society.

Episode 3: The Wonders of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the latest AI software system that has everyone talking. Artificial Intelligence isn’t something new to the world, however, ChatGPT has caused the world of AI to be viewed in an entirely different way.

The AI chatbot was recently launched in November 2022, and has grown its valuation to over $29 billion. As a fast growing AI system, ChatGPT impacts various mediums of life.

In this episode, we took a look into many ways in which we have interact and impacted by ChatGPT.

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