The Perks of Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides great management tools for websites

Google Analytics Certification for Beginners provides every bit of knowledge needed to manage analytics. In addition, the certification provides the understanding of how to check audience reports, the impacts to your website and conversions, and how your audience behave. However, the utilization of Google Analytics is completely up to the user and their preference. In the setting up process, the user is forced to determine how will they take advantage of Google Analytics and what are some of the aspects within the tool they would like to take heed to. Hence, in the introductory part of the training, provides an clear idea of the purpose and benefit of Google Analytics and how tools work. Also, in the intro phase of the training, shows different ways that a user can collect data and how to use that data to improve your website. On of the ways in which data can be collected are through properties. Properties are used to gather data that comes from multiple sources such as geographic locations. Within the Views section, it allows the user to get a more detailed description of each properties such as the specific countries that viewers are viewing from.

The goal of my website is showcase my work and give a glimpse into my personal life. Therefore it is really important as to who views my content posted on my site. In light of doing so, I hope to heavily use the audience reporting tool of Google Analytics, as it allows me to gain an understanding as to which individuals are surfing my site. Limiting the access of my site to certain individuals will be crucial in my usage In addition to the utilization of audience reports, I think that it is very important to analyze the quantifiable amount of viewers that visit my site. Doing so will allow me to constantly improve the user experience within the site to garner move website traffic. As I am still exploring the inner works of Google Analytics, in the near future will be adding more plugins and aspects to my site to make the user experience more user friendly.

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