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Claudia Fickat is an international artist and photographer who has worked with clients across Europe and America

Claudia Fickat. Born and raised in France and currently based in New York City, Claudia is a self-taught artist whose works explore boundaries across candid life scenes and the creative expressions of fashion, art, music, and cinema.

She grew up in a multi-cultural household in the wealthy area of Champagne and has always sought opportunities to transcend her early experiences of the limitations of race and class and to explore their intersections.

She has used her artistic talents and personal experiences to propel her life and to empower diversity through her projects. She is always looking to expand her horizons, in both life and art.

​Claudia is spending most of her free time watching Broadway plays and musicals, in movie theaters, and in libraries. 

The collection of photos seen below is a work of art by local and international photographer Claudia Fickat. Claudia has an amazing eye for images and catching moments in time. To provide a back story on this project, I personally chose to highlight the work of Claudia Fickat because her photos connect with my personality as well love for black and white photography. 

Claudia and I met each other for the first time in the summer of 2022 in New York City. As I was living in New York city interning at an engineering firm, I slowly began to learn more about Claudia’s love for photography. I learned that she loves photography because she believes that it is the best way to see people in their truest form, which is a major inspiration for her photos. 

After spending the summer with Claudia and learning about her love for capturing moments, I understood the history of photography and how it can tell stories in meaningful ways. Each photo captured in this essay tells a story of people all over the world. Many of the photos are taken from Claudia’s short time spent photographing people in New York City, Paris, London, and other parts of England.

Each shot highlights some sort of human interaction with digital technology. Whether it is a elderly man listening to the radio on the side of the street or a couple laying down on the grass conversing while scrolling through their phones. I specifically chose these images from Claudia’s collection because it paints a picture of how digital technology is represented around the world. 

The photos in this essay were purposely chosen in black and white because it paints a very industrial but modern theme. This is essentially the look I am trying to convey on my site. Therefore, I believe that this collection of photographs from Claudia Fickat’s albums is a great representation of my brand and story. 

Aside from my personal friendship with Claudia, I think her photography tells amazing stories by paying homage to past photographers by mimicking their styles and sense of imagery. Overall, I hope that the collection of photographs paints the picture of modern human interaction with digital technology in multiple ways.

All photos displayed is credited to Claudia Fickat.

“I am an old soul. I draw my inspiration from very old photographer like Eli Reed, Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and John Myers. These are the photographers that have influenced me which is why all my photos are black and white” – Claudia Fickat

“Citadine” – paris, 2021
Velib, is one of the most popular way of travel in Paris. It’s convenient and you can find them anywhere. It doesn’t matter how you are dressed or what you do on it. It is very comfortable form transportation.

“Stopping By” – Paris, 2021
Even if you lived in Paris since you were 10 years old, you’re always stopping by the Eiffel Tower with phone in hand.

“The Children” – New York, 2021
This Multi-taking New Yorker who’s reading his emails and taking care of his babies

“Pause Clope” – Paris, 2021
If you’ve already had your morning coffee with your cigarette, it’s now time to check your phone while smoking

“Lost” – New York, 2022
Stopping somewhere in Times Square to text should be a national sport

“Break” – Paris, 2021
Some people use their phones for social media and some call their families when they have a minute

“the Right Moment” – New York, 2021
This photographer was shooting a lovely couple.

“In his World” – New York
People in big cities are always paying attention to their phones, tablets, and computers. They are living in one world and creating another in their hands.

“Times Square” – New York, 2022
A typical day in the busy heart of Times Square

“Almost Lovers” – New York
This very shy couple of friends. You can see they are standing quite far from each other but the man attempt to get closer for the selfie.

“Radio Gaga” – New York, 2021
We never see pictures of essential workers when they are not working. They are the lungs of the big apple. This photo captures this man catching up with the game on his radio before his shift.

“Caught in Time” – New York, 2022
Caught in time on his phone while relaxing that the Coach store in Manhattan.

“Unbothered” – Torquay, 2018
Unbothered by her lover’s speech on her phone. More and more it’s easier to do this and avoid conversations

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